Saturday, 3 March 2012

What is Gastric Bypass Surgery and is It Really a Good Option for Morbid Obesity?

Gastric bypass surgery helps you to unfastened weight by changing how your abdomen and small intestine handle the foodstuff you gobble. While gastric bypass is a major surgery, the benefits to a morbidly obese person generally outweigh the risks of the surgical procedure.

After Gastric Bypass Surgery, your appetite become slighter and you will feel contented with less food. This surgery can be done in two ways open surgery and laparoscopy. In open surgery, the surgeon make a large cut and open up your belly and then do the bypass directly handling your stomach, small intestine and other organs. Laparoscopy is done using a miniature camera called a laparoscope placed inside your abdomen.

The gastric bypass diet open up in several stages from liquids to small meals of soft, high in protein. It is vital to drink enough water, to take vitamin and mineral supplements. There are quite a number of health benefits after gastric bypass surgery there is a weight loss of 65 to 80%, necessary hypertension is at ease in over 70% of patients. Low back pain or joint pain is characteristically comforted or better in most of the patients. There can be a number of side effects from gastric bypass surgery.

The side effects can be both physical and emotional. One of the side effects is dumping syndrome, it takes place when a person have consumed more food then what was suggested by their health care professionals. The dumping syndrome makes probable for a human being to become anxious, sweat a lot, and begin to tremble. Regardless of its emotional, psychosomatic, and medical side effects, it is an accepted option for many overweight persons. There are many barriers too in gastric bypass surgery like in hospitals one can have respiratory problems, blood clots etc. and at home one can have ulcer, constipation, gall stones types of  problems. The best way to avoid these types of complications is to be aware all the time.


  1. Gastric bypass is a great option for morbidly obese people. I know of someone who had bariatric surgery in Oklahoma City last year and it did wonders for him. I do think some people get the wrong idea about the surgery though. You can not just go back to normal eating habits just because you had the surgery. You still need to eat healthy and exercise in order to stay fit and at a healthy wait. On top of that you do not want to get dumping syndrome. I do believe you should try to lose the weight first, but if you are obese and used all other options, this is a great alternative.

  2. I'm wondering if I could do it but each time I saw success stories in losing weight I became more determined to do it it's only that I don't know how to start.I have heard something about a formula that will give you a gastric bypass effect but no surgery by Roca Labs, is it true?

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  4. I find it too risky, the post op complications, it is expensive, and the increasing mortality rate! I'm now on a gastric bypass alternative formula, it is not invasive so I feel safe using it. Though it doesn't make you lose weight faster than the actual surgery but I'm happy that it's not causing any harm on my body.