Thursday, 16 December 2010

Lena Meyer-landrut Won Eurovision Song Contest 2010 with Satellite

There was no doubt that the finale of Eurovision 2010 was going to be huge. And it actually didn’t disappoint.

The biggest musical competition, Eurovision Song Contest 2010, which took place involving most European nations, had one winner at the end. It was a teenage girl from Germany.

Lena Meyer-Landrut, a German singer, won this contest of immense proportions. In the midst of the economic crisis that was looming across the continent, Eurovision gave 25 countries an opportunity to shrug the feeling off for one day and participate in one of the melodious nights of the year.

By winning the crown in 2010 edition of Eurovision Song Contest, Lena Meyer became the second German in the 55-year-old history of this extravagant talent hunt contest. There were 39 countries, which voted for the competition and most of them only had one winner in mind.

It is tough to describe the talent of the 19-year-old, Lena Meyer. One day following her victory, she verbalized her happiness saying that she was pretty much and was very grateful for everyone, who helped her reach this platform. She still couldn’t believe the fact that she has achieved fame for her country.

Her versatility was clearly visible, as she completed both her final exams and the popular Eurovision Song Contest 2010 at almost the same time. ‘Satellite‘ was the Pop Ballad that she sung and grab the attention of the entire Europe, which eventually allowed her to grab hold of the winner title of the Eurovision Song Contest.

As per the statistics collected from different parts of the continent, more than 120 million people viewed the annual Eurovision Song Contest, where this beautiful German girl rewrote the History.

Rock Group from Turkey, maNga came second, whereas Ovi and Paula Seling, from Romania, stood third.