Thursday, 16 December 2010

Is Your Teen Suffering From Adolescent Obesity ?

Obesity is problem in most of us and specially teenagers. It is condition the body gain excess body fats, which can create many negative affects on the teenager or adolescent’s health. You can diagnose obesity by doing BMI. BMI can vary according to age and the sex of the person. There is a BMI table, which compares your height and weight. Your height and weight should match each other. It gives you option to know whether you teenager is underweight, overweight or is obese.

Teenagers who suffer from obesity are mostly emotional or physiological. There are many negative effects of obesity like high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep problem, cancer, diabetes, etc. Obesity during adolescence age is sometime the cause of mortality rate. Obesity should be controlled from the very beginning, so that its roots should not be spread more in depth.

You should take care of your child obesity. Check their BMI regularly and consult with your doctor who will guide you through the journey of obesity. Among teenagers soft drinks including loads of sugar in them, is one of the factor for teenager obesity. Fast food is common and popular amount youngsters, 75 % of teenagers consume fast food. Fast food is harmful to health and is cause of obesity. Many countries have reduced the use of number of vending machines.

Children should be encouraged to participate in physical activity. You can walk or do any time of simple exercises, which would help you in reducing your calories intake. If you consume more calories needed by your body, then you would be facing the problem of obesity. Teenagers are often found playing video games, watching television, and using computers.

Obesity can also be causes by genetic or environmental factors. Children food choice and meals they consume affects the child obesity. You should consume meal full of nutrients and less of calories. Consult with a dietician who would help you in getting right menu and low calorie food for your body. A Dietician would provide you list of items, which are right for your body. Different bodies have different weight and height, you should find your and work on it.

Health is Wealth. Maintain your body fit and be free from obesity.


  1. Childhood obesity is a frightening trend. You have brought out some of the causes and given useful suggestions.

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