Thursday, 9 December 2010

7 Health Benefits of Sassafras Tea

Sassafras Tea has been in use as a medicinal herb since ages by traditional medicine practitioners. Sassafras Tea is a descendent of the deciduous tree of the Lauraceae family. This tree is very much native to eastern Asia and eastern North America. This tree grows up to a length of 50 feet to 120 feet and comprise of many smooth and orange brown bark with long and slender branches. The young twigs and leaves of this tree are very mucilaginous and when they are crushed, they produce a citrus like scent. During spring, the lower blooms with five petals.

Well, to start with, there are many benefits of Sassafras Tea. The first amongst them is that Sassafras Tea is claimed to be very good for purifying blood and thinning the same. These metabolic activities are very much required to maintain a healthy body both in the present and in the longer run. Sassafras Tea also helps alleviate bronchitis, a problem affecting lungs.

The most important amongst all is being the fact that Sassafras Tea is very much helpful for extracting toxins out of the body. When a person is suffering from flu and cold, Sassafras Tea is advised as a diaphoretic drug to get relief from them. At times, Sassafras Tea also serves as a diuretic. And last, but not the least; Sassafras Tea is used for fighting rheumatic and arthritic conditions.

Thus, we can see that Sassafras Tea serves in a multipurpose way. There are some restrictions also in consuming this. It should not be taken for a longer duration of time and it is not at all advised for pregnant women. Thus apart from these, this medicinal herb is very effective in for all age groups to fight many diseases. To add, the much popular drink rotbeer also gets its name from this tree only.

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