Thursday, 9 December 2010

Ancient Civilizations Living in The Cradle of Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia has been known as the land of ancient civilization. There has been many debates about ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia or the life in ancient Mesopotamia. The end result, however, suggested that numerous civilizations had cradled from this place like the most notable Sumerian civilization and the Akkadian civilization and many others which have actually defined varying culture in ancient Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia in history has been quite an interesting subject even today.

Mesopotamia has been a highly interesting subject since long and it has managed to amaze people still of this age. It is said that mankind learnt it’s civilization from this ancient place where numerous civilizations had grown since time immemorial. This place situated almost between the delta region of the Euphrates and the Tigris has a beauty of its own in terms of location and has been testimony to a large number of human civilizations.

Mesopotamia was undoubtedly he land of cultural horizons with the irrigation, agriculture, cultivation and cities cropping up in almost 4000 B.C. it’s unimaginable but true that the Sumerian Civilization started their own art of ancient writing upon clay tablets. This form of writing later changed into the phonetic writing style where symbols and signs were used for resembling sounds. Much like this aspect, there has been instances of other inventions and it indicated that inventions occurred out of necessity.

There were also examples of human races following gods like Utu and Enlil in ancient Mesopotamia which represented sun and wind respectively and did inhibit culture and religious beliefs among the ancient civilizations. The suburbs of ancient Mesopotamia had regions like Sumer, Catal Huyuk, Gonur-depe, Babylon, and Assyria from where numerous civilizations crept and came into existence during the 4000 B.C. period. So it has been more than eminent that ancient Mesopotamia has been the cradle of numerous civilizations of the human kind.


  1. Mesopotamia would have been a kick-ass place to live. All the culture, all the style, all the technology. It would have been fun...

  2. You know, it's amazing what they don't teach you in school about the very cradle of civilization. I wonder how the variety of religions handled such close proximity; if they had the problems that we have today! It would be an interesting follow-up article.

  3. Nice and informative article, i and very keen to read about ancient civilization... I am thinking to add a category for this in my blog also ....