Thursday, 9 December 2010

7 Steps to Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is a type of cancer has its origin in breast tissue. There are some symptoms are you would feel a lump in your breast. Change in size or shape of breast different from normal indicate the symptoms of breast tissue. Skin marking, single nipple discharges or pain, swelling or any type redness noted on breast are also evidences of Breast Cancer.

Factors like high fat diet, excessive alcohol intake, obesity, radiation, consumption of tobacco effects your diseases. It can occur in young women and also older women can get caught with breast cancer. You should start caring before Breast Cancer attacks you.

You should check whether in your family if anyone is suffering from Breast Cancer. As this factor is one which is effecting one. You should stop consuming tobacco and stop inhaling too, as tobacco causes cancer in many people. You should even stop smoking as it also is a link of many type of cancer.

Consume fruits and vegetable more each day. Fruits, vegetable or any grains and beans, help you in reducing your weight, which is one of the factor of occurring cancer in your body. Avoid consuming high calories foods which are harmful for your body.

You should avoid alcohol as much as possible. Due to alcohol many type of cancer is cause like mouth, throat, kidney, lever and even breast cancer. You should consume once in a week or twice in a week, in order to avoid diseases from your body.

Exercise on regular basis. Give your body time of 30 minutes or more for exercising everyday. This will help you being active and avoid you from obesity. You can include walking or any other safe exercise.

Stop any long-term hormone therapy, which is factor for your breast cancer. Long term hormone therapy with estrogen- progestin is harmful for your health.

Vitamin D helps you in decreasing any risk of breast cancer. Avoid excessive sun, but take sunlight, which provides you good vitamin D supplements.

Know the techniques of breast feeding. Breast feeding helps you in prevention of breast cancer.

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