Sunday, 15 August 2010

Was Noah's Ark Really Found at Ararat?

There is only one single verse in the Bible, which gives an element of hint of where the ark actually came to rest. Genies 8:4 say that the ark actually rested upon the mountains of Ararat. But what and where Ararat is? It is actually a large country or a mountain area, which covers eastern Turkey, western Russia and western Iran.  
Ararat, which appears in the Holy Bible, is Urartu in Hebrew, which comprises of the ancient countries as sources from 13th century BC says. However, the world famous Encyclopedia Britannica has something different to say. According to the myth, it is only a misunderstanding that the ark is resting upon Ararat. The mountain is a 17,000 feet tall structure and is assumed to be a post flood volcanic structure gaining its height after the flood only. Therefore, there is no reason of believing that the ark had rested here. The ark actually came to rest in the mountains of Urartu and not Ararat.  
To prove what the real picture is, we can take help of some statistics. An expedition, which was made in the year 1960, showed that the top sides of the ark had even structure attached with the ground level. This location was 18.2 miles to the south of Ararat and lied at 6,254 feet in the same mountains of Ararat. NATO photographs have showboat like formations, which again elevated the magnitude of doubt in the minds of scientists. Some say it is a natural formation and some say it is a ship. Simple visual inspection, which was devoid of any scientific studies, had show that it was an odd geological formation. However later, studies by scientists proved that the site is basically a ‘mud and lava covered remains’ of the ark.
So, do you really think that Noah’s ark was realy found at the summit of Ararat ?t

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