Saturday, 14 August 2010

Seven Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea

Over centuries, Chamomile tea has been used for multiple purposes. From anxiety to insomnia to other disease, Chamomile tea in the form of an infusion, which is prepared from the leaves of this tree, has proved to be a very good natural medicine.
Type 2 Diabetes is one of the most frequent diseases affecting around seven percent of the entire population causing an elevation in the blood sugar levels thus damaging organs like heart, kidneys, nerves and retina. Chamomile tea is found to be affective for this also and thus helps reduce its affects up to a significant level.
Drinking Chamomile tea helps reduce the stress level of the body. This medicinal affect of this plant is accompanied by its ability to act as an anti bacterial agent. It also helps reducing the risk of the gum disease. Gum disease is another condition, which is frequently suffered by the diabetics. There is perhaps no shortage of the advantages associated with Chamomile tea.
However, compared to Chamomile tea, it is much better to go for Chamomile extract as because the extract would contain more amounts of the active ingredients. Thus it will work in a much better way.
However, to get the effects in real life, the person has to drink Chamomile tea regularly and that too in good quantities because any irregularities will lead to side effects. To add, many advantages of Chamomile tea are being tested only in rats, which may or may not work for humans. Though the extract is presently sold by vitamins suppliers, further research in this field is always a safer way.   
Last but not the least, drinking Chamomile tea should be taken in a cautious way as some people might develop allergic to the same particularly if they are allergic to pollen.

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