Saturday, 18 September 2010

What is The Mystery of Montauk Monster Found in New York?

The “Montauk Monster”, as called, is an unidentified creature in the animal’s dictionary. It was found dead on the Montauk beach, New York in July 2008. After that it has been a subject of controversies and thought. This creature has gone through a lot of inspection and after a long talk, it was given the name of a raccoon.

It was first clicked by Jenna Hewitt and her two friends. They thought it to be a dog or a turtle. They didn’t show the photographs as they were waiting for the scientist to contact them. When seen the animal looked like a hairless dog with a bloated belly. It has got a beak and an elongated front paw. It was much under studies and many animal biologists studied its different aspect and compared it to a raccoon, a sea turtle, a rodent, a dog and a sheep. Scientist closely inspected the corpse and came to the conclusion that it was just a decomposed raccoon.

It was not just once that such carcass was found, reports of such remains came in from people. An unnamed man stated that a similar body was found in his front yard but was stolen later. Speculation gathered momentum and again a new speculation came forward. Someone said that the body is decayed remains of a capybara.

New York became the headlines of newspapers as this new species called the Montauk Monster came in the eyes of people. Scientist wanted to find out the real answer behind this species but never got a complete coherent way. Some has also suggested it to be an otter with a boar’s face. Till present animal experts are going in different directions so that they can get a link to find out the reality behind this Montauk monster. It is still a hot topic in the animal department.

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