Monday, 5 March 2012

The Best Car Hire Services in Valencia

Valencia is the third largest city of Spain. It is a vibrant city alongside a beautiful coastline. This city is very much loved by tourists because of its buildings, gardens, marinas and cultural sites.  With warm weather all the year round more and more tourists are visiting Valencia and car hire is the quickest way to get around the sizeable city without having to wait under the sun for public transport or spending on taxis. Valencia car hire gives you the freedom to explore this beautiful city situated on the Mediterranean Sea coastline, with snow mountain peak in the back and Gulf of Valencia to the front.

Valencia car rental is the cheapest way to communicate with the city. You can take day trips to the best of the beach resorts and explore many other coastline attractions. The rental for car hiring is very affordable starting at 15 Euros per day. You get modern cars with AC, power steering and many other conveniences. Some of the best car rental companies are Sixt car rental, Avis car rental, Hertz car rental, Thrifty car rental and Europe car rental.

Each car hire Valencia comes fully equipped with good mileage offer, a comprehensive insurance package and complimentary breakdown backing. All these vehicles come with full tank of gas and map of the area. For more assistance, you can also hire GPS systems. This new technology gives more information and clear directions. A credit card is what you need to enjoy the range of car rental services available. There low rental prices are fully inclusive of all airport surcharges, taxes and premium location fee. These services have helped making Valencia a good tourist place. If you are planning to see the sights of Valencia, you can even hire your car online and get discount offers.


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