Sunday, 28 November 2010

Known Facts About Ionic Teeth Whitening

Smoking, drinking alcohol, coffee or by other means your teeth may get dark brown, yellowish or discolored. If it is the same case to you then do not get worried. There are ways to get rid of this and one of it is the process of ionic teeth whitening.

In this process LED lights, whitening gel and a mouthpiece is used. You would have to a special whitening gel in your mouth so that it comes in contact with your teeth. Then to hold the gel on the teeth a mouthpiece is fitted over the teeth. After all this LED light is used to clean the teeth surface. It usually takes few minutes to complete the whole process. LED lights are used as it has higher penetration power than the normal brushes or the solutions. The whitening gel which is given before gets activated and acts as a bleaching.


1.It keeps your teeth white for a long time. It is not affected by the action of alcohols, coffees or smoke.

2.It can be done in your house or in bathroom comfortably.

3.Ionic teeth whitening treatment are quite safe. It has very less side effects and keeps the health of your teeth fit.


As like every thing, it has also got some limitations. It does not work on the prosthetic teeth. It has very less or minimal effects on this type of teeth. Therefore, you must consult with the doctor if you have got prosthetic teeth.

Anyone can trust on the ionic teeth whitening process blindly as it has came into the effect after a long research, testing by the experts or the pioneers of the dental medicines. If you want to have a shining and radiant smile, then simply go for ionic teeth whitening treatment.


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