Friday, 6 August 2010

What is The Accuracy of The P24 Antigen Test for Hiv After One Month of Exposure ?

P24 Antigen test is one of the ideal tests to diagnose the HIV type 1 disease in his initial symptoms. It is indeed a fact that levels of the P24 increases the power of its anti gents in the body in a maximum one to three weeks to spread its effect and reduce the HIV-1 effect well before it starts infecting the body. Hence after 2-8 weeks, they produce antibodies which prevent the body from HIV virus and hence they act as the perfect agents to diagnose an infection. 
If the recent exposure to HIV has affected your body, it is a great practice to get the body exposed to this P24 Anti gents test at least once and get the body cured from Type 1 which is the most frequent ones in the world. The HIV virus if tested positive means the virus has infected the body. Though the test utility is limited, it has been researched that it is one of the oldest and better solution to HIV Type 1. Many doctors have confirmed the 99.99% accuracy at this point. The actual time frame for developing anti bodies comes to 6 weeks and hence a bit of training, and on time tests can prevent HIV to transmit from one body to another. 
There should be no further test and it is recommended that there are the first and foremost methods being used frequently in world for initial diagnosis. The P24 antigen test actually technically check the presence of P24 HIV protein. The antibodies present mix with blood and hence they give it a perfect initial treatment to the patients. If considered its initial accuracy levels and easy nature of the treatment, the test should be considered again and again to prevent the most prevailing virus HIV 1.It is good to take P24 antigen test.

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