Thursday, 5 August 2010

Five Useful Firefox Add-ons for Every Computer User

Firefox users are quite well acquainted with the add-ons or the add-on features. The Firefox add-ons are free items that enable better experience of web applications to a web browser. Not only Firefox, but almost all the popular web browsers have add-ons available with them. Here the add-ons of the Firefox are described.

The 5 useful Firefox add-ons for every computer use are:

Adblock Plus: this Firefox add-on is extremely useful and is one of the most basic add-ons that enable easy access of the website without pop up blocks, auto playing and even with filter subscription. With the Adblock Plus, any new filter might be created that wil block ads on specific websites.

Download status bar: The Download statusbar is another useful add-on for every computer with a Firefox, which enable pop-up free downloads. There would be no intrusion of the pop-ups in case of any download, as the download statusbar would be indicated below highlighting a download. A double click would be enough to download any desired file or other items.

Firefox Environment Backup Extension: Every web browser must have or rather requires a backup tool thatwould back up any application used by the web browser. In any kind of system failures or rather internet connectivity problems if the PC is shut down or the net is disconnected then the Firefox Environment Backup Extension would allow back up of the applications for rebuilding purposes.

Print/Print Preview: This is another useful add-on, which Firefox enabled users experience for printing, page set up and previewing documents or items before being able t print them. There is a downward arrow that indicates this add-on and the various status of this add-on enable user relevant printing.

Web Developer: This add-on enables management of cookies, Java scripts of various web pages, varying CSS styles, disabling Java and enhancing form options.

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