Thursday, 29 July 2010

What is the mystery of Ogopogo Monster in Okanagan Lake ?

The mystery of Ogopogo monster in the Okanagan Lake is still unsolved. People living in Canada, near the Lake Okanagan have reportedly sighted Ogopogo for years. According to them, a creature, some 25 – 50 feet long, with a horse head and a snake like body is sighted many a times on the water bed. People say that this monster also has a large-jawed mouth with many fins. Many people take them as real snakes but these sea-serpents differ from real snakes significantly. They move vertically with a series of humps compared to the horizontal movement of snakes.
In spite of people saying that they saw something terrible under water, no real conclusion has been made. Many people have filmed this mystery monster but no correct information regarding this creature is available.

Located to the southern part of British Columbia, Okanagan valley stretches for about 80 miles with a flourishing city, Kelowna in the center. This monster is mainly sighted in the southern areas of Kelowna waters near Peachland. This lake monster was first sighted by Mrs. John Allison in 1872 and such cases have repeated, making many people firm believers of this astonishing underwater creature. Similarly Mr. John McDougall also had an unusual experience. He was on his boat and a pair of horses were towing behind him. Suddenly the horses were pulled under the water waves by some unknown force and Mr. McDougall boat was also being dragged inside. He could barely have a second chance but fought well with the situation. He cut the ropes connecting the horses and the boat. No one could make out for the horses.

Such reports have showed the presence of this sea serpent, but the existence of these monsters has not been proved yet. Though not given a green signal, people still believe the existence of Ogopogo.

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