Thursday, 29 July 2010

Lets Kick The Vuvuzela Out of Football

There is no doubt that football is in the air these days with the World Cup 2010 underway in South Africa. With the commencement ofFIFA World Cup, football fans are going crazy. However, there is something that is making the football players to go frenzy. The reason behind is the ear deafening sound created by the vuvuzelas. Most of the football players are facing trouble, while playing on the field.

Vuvuzelas are basically a South African trumpet. They are widely used by the football fans to cheer up their favorite teams and the players. However, rather than creating a pleasing sound, vuvuzelas are more infamous as noise making trumpets. The noise created by them usually seems similar to an angry bee. This is why experts want the higher authorities to kick the Vuvuzela out of Football.

South African football fans love to use them while the game is on. It is quite obvious that stadiums are always packed with thousands of enthusiastic fans. They blow the trumpets to celebrate a goal or a display of amazing defensive play. It is almost impossible to stop the football frenzy fans from doing so.

However, now, it has become a matter of concern for the players on the field. They are complaining that the noise created by the vuvuzelas makes it difficult for them to communicate with their team members. Most of the players are quite angry about this issue, and they are asking FIFA to put a ban on vuvuzela. Not only have the players, even coaches and broadcast personnel complained about this matter. Everyone is of the opinion to kick the Vuvuzela out of Football.

It is true that players and their coach must be provided some relaxation during the match. During the intense situations, it becomes very difficult for the players to hold their nerves. Hence, they must be provided a noise free environment. It has even been discovered that the decibel created by them can have terrifying effects on our normal hearing and may even cause us to go deaf. Therefore, it will be quite interesting to see that whether FIFA will be able to kick the Vuvuzela out of Football, especially the ongoing World Cup 2010 or not.

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