Thursday, 25 November 2010

The story of The Amish Model Pin Up Girl Emma

Emma, the Amish model, who is also called as Emma the Amish girl was a special guest on the Howard Stern Radio Show, which was aired on 11th of May.

Now before going deep inside, we should actually know who Emma is. Emma the Amish girl is a fresh model who is claiming that she has come from a very strict Amish background. But when judged from her Howard Stern Show photos and New American Pinup photos, it seems she has already left that life much earlier.

However, the whole mystery lies in the fact that not much is known about this girl who has all of a sudden come to the limelight for the right or may be for the wrong reasons. Nothing other than the fact that she is the April Pinup Girl for the New American Pinup has been extracted from sources. Even her profile on the website there are some photos of her past when she was the Amish girl but the most interesting part is that there is no biography which accompanies that profile.

There are many photos of Emma with a bubble gum machine, because of which she is also called as the ‘Bubble Gum Girl.’ Along side that, offers on buying her used sneakers and underwear are displayed. The caption beside that claims that ‘Emma is 100% Amish’ but whether it is actually true whether it is a marketing gimmick is still to be found out.

There is also a very famous book called Emma the Amish Girl but that particular book is not based on this girl though the story line is more or less same with that of this girl. That girl looks out for adventures beyond the confinement of her lifestyle. So that could well be the inspiration for this girl.

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  1. I am the photographer of Emma the Amish Model and I brought her to the Howard Stern show. My name is Brian Johnson and I assure you she was at one point 100% Amish. Actually she was Old-Order Amish and was shunned before ever going on Howard Stern. I like your article and really appreciate your support. We continue to sell Emma's undies on the web site; - Brian