Saturday, 18 September 2010

How to Monetize Your Blog by Different Advertising Programs

Many people are somewhat familiar with Google Adsense, Yahoo, Bidvertiser, Chitika, Adbrite…etc. However, most of them actually don’t know what they are and how their system is working. All of those mentioned above are advertising programs pay per impression, pay per click or sales. 

How can we make benefit from these programs? To make money by advertising, we should have own website or at least a blog. Before designing a website, we should purchase a hosting and a domain. So, to do this we should spend money. By roughly guess, it costs nearly 100$.

What about blogs ? They are completely free to use. No need spend money. Before stepping to blogs huge world, you should determine what blog program you should choose. Blogger, Typepad, Livejournal and Wordpress are the most well-known ones. However, adding advertising codes may be problematic for them. Blogger has many advantages when compared to others. For example, it lets you add codes freely. Wordpress has no option for this if you use its own domain.

Prior to blogging, you should be specific on your blog. All of the publishings are based on the general concept of your blog. For example, if your blog is about travel, you had better not to add food or art related contents.
Before adding advertsing codes, you should be sure about your blog has enough article or publishing. Generally, 10 is enough to be accepted by advertisers.

If you believe you are ready, it is the time to join the programs and add their codes.
Adbrite, Google Adsense, Yahoo and Bidvertiser work in a similar manner. However, Yahoo is an option only for USA, Canada and Australia. Bidvertiser is good but their advertisements is limited. The god way is it acceptes many languages and pays via Paypal. I don’t like Adbrite because their payment rates are quite low and they pay only by cheque. Adsense, the most popular one among them, is open to whole world and accepts all languages as in Bidvertiser. They pay via Cheque, Direct transfer to a valid bank account and Western Union. If you reach the minimum payout amount , probably you will get a payment from Google at the end of next month.

To join Google Adsense, you should simply fill the form in Adsense page. You have give your identity information, address and url of your site or blog. Google engineers will check your site in at most 1 week and send a message about your approval. After being approved, every click will be money for you and turned to an extra income one day.


  1. Great post with a lot of useful information.
    Let me also add Kontera.
    They also accept applications
    from most countries and pay via PayPal.
    I tried it a while ago on my
    blog by my application was denied because
    the content was considered...inappropriate!
    The only "inappropriate" content I had was a couple of poems
    with a bit of a strong language but I guess that was enough..:S

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