Tuesday, 20 July 2010

How to draw a line in Autocad 2007

This article is based on how to use Autocad 2007 to draw simple geometries. This is actually the first article of a collection of series of Autocad 2007 relevant articles. It aims at teaching Autocad 2007 from the simplest to the most complex.

Here is the step by step how to draw a line in Autocad.

1. To draw a line in Autocad, you can use command section, toolbar or simple line figure at the right of your Autocad screen. Let us start with using command section. When you enter the command of line or simply l into command section and press the enter button subsequently, Autocad will ask you the starting point of a line. Just one click on the screen or using coordinate axis with numerical values will specify the onset point. Then program will ask you to end your line with another point. You can click somewhere on the screen and use coordinate axis with numerical values as well. Here is the first line of you.

2. To use toolbar section, Look at the top of the Autocad program and find the toolbar statement. When you click on it, you'll see up and down list. From this part, select the line and repeat the procedures given above.

3. Another but most commonly preferred drawing option is to use the simple figures at the right of the screen. Find the drawing line segment there and click on it. Click on the screen by the tip of cursor and then click again for the end point. Here is another line drawn by you.

Drawing line and curves is rudimentary for all drawing and design programs. In the next, you'll learn how to draw more complex geometries by using these simple commands.

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