Sunday, 25 July 2010

How to draw a circle in Autocad 2007

In the first part of my Autocad tutorial, I talked about how to draw a simple line. Now, I am jumping from straight figures to curves and I'll express here how to draw the most simple curve,that is, the circle.

Sure that drawing a circle is as easy as drawing a line. As you know from geometry courses, circle is a combination of points with the same distance from a reference point. So, we need two parameters for drawing,radius or diameter as a numerical value and a reference point,i.e, center of the circle.

Similar to drawing a line, we can use all three options. To draw bu using command, we just enter the word of circle or c character on to command section. We do this simply by selecting circle figure or circle statement in the toolbar. For similarity, I use simple circle figure at the right of the Autocad screen.

Here is the step by step solution for drawing a circle.

1. When you click on the circle figure, Autocad asks you to specify the center point of the circle which you want to draw. If you don't need any specific coordinate, just click somewhere on the screen. However, if the location of point is predetermined, use coordinate axis and give numerical values.

2. In the second stage of drawing, Autocad asks you to specify the radius or diameter. Writing r for radius or d for diameter in the command section helps you to attain a numerical value. Afterthat, if possible, circle will be drawn on your screen.

3. For dimensioning you circle, Use dimension button at the right. Dim is the abbreviation for dimension. After dimensioning, select a new color, for example red or blue one to seperate the dimensions from original drawing. This helps the reader to understand the drawing easily.

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